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Romain Grosjean sends message from hospital bed after suffering burns in fiery crash, as Daniel Ricciardo slams Formula 1 over ‘Hollywood’ coverage of horror smash

Romain Grosjean somehow walked away from one of the worst Formula 1 crashes in recent history on Sunday afternoon, and by the evening he was even talking to fans again.

Frenchman Grosjean came off the track just three corners into the Bahrain GP and collided with the steel barrier, with his Haas exploding into flames and actually splitting completely in two.

Grosjean’s Haas erupted into flames in shock scenes in Bahrain

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There were serious fears for Grosjean’s life given the severity of the crash, but he thankfully managed to walk away from his car – before being taken to hospital for treatment on burns suffered on his hands and wrists.

Incredibly, one of the only parts of Grosjean’s Haas which was not destroyed in the crash was the halo – the driver safety system which was introduced to much criticism in 2018.

The halo was clearly intact despite the Haas splitting completely in two

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Incredible footage showed Grosjean literally walking away from the flaming wreckage of his Haas

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And the 34-year-old, speaking from hospital with the burns on his hands being treated, admitted he was never a fan of the halo – until now, that is.

“Hello everyone,” began a video message sent by Grosjean. “I just wanted to say I am okay… well, sort of okay. Thank you very much for all the messages.

“I was not for the halo some years ago, but I think it is the greatest thing we have done in Formula 1 and without it I would not be able to speak to you today.

“Thanks to all the medical staff at the circuit and at the hospital, and hopefully I can write and send you some messages to tell you how it’s going.”

Grosjean hit the barriers at nearly 140mph and it was immediately clear this was a serious crash.

The race was red flagged and replays of the incident were not shown until Grosjean had walked away with no serious injury fears.

But Daniel Ricciardo feels F1 then overplayed replays of the crash to improve the product for fans watching at home.

“I’m disgusted and disappointed with Formula 1 for showing or choosing the way to show it as they did, and broadcast replays after replays after replays of the fire, and his car split in half,” said the Renault driver. “And then, like that’s not enough, they go to his onboard.

Grosjean walked away from the crash with only minor injuries

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The race was red flagged and suspended, with Lewis Hamilton going on to win in Bahrain after the restart

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“Why do we need to see this? We’re competing again in an hour. His family has to keep watching that. All our families have to keep watching that… It’s really unfair. It’s not entertainment.

“To show it like it’s something from Hollywood, it’s not cool. Choose to do that tomorrow, but not today.”

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