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Max Verstappen’s swears at journalist when asked about crash with Lewis Hamilton at British Grand Prix, Brit sends defiant message to boo boys after claiming pole in Hungary

It’s been two weeks since Max Verstappen crashed out of the British Grand Prix but the tension is still very much there.

The pair, who are the clear frontrunners for this year’s drivers’ championship, collided with each other on the first lap of the race at Silverstone – the incident resulting in Verstappen racing no further.

Too add insult to injury for Verstappen, Hamilton ended up winning the race


Verstappen made it clear how he felt about the Brit after crashing out at, while Red Bull chief Christian Horner didn’t hold back in his criticism of Hamilton.

The drivers are competing at the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend with Hamilton qualifying in pole position, while Verstappen will start in third.

After qualifying, Verstappen was asked a question about the incident a fortnight ago and the Dutchman wasn’t impressed to say the least.

Verstappen snapped: “Can we already stop about this?

The title race between Hamilton and Verstappen looks set to go right to the wire

“We’ve had so many f****** questions about this. It’s just ridiculous, honestly. Honestly, the whole of Thursday, we answered these stupid f****** questions all the time, so could we just stop about it please?

“We are racers, we will race and of course we’re going to race hard but fair, so we just keep pushing each other.”

Hamilton was booed by supporters attending the race after his pole was confirmed but he issued a defiant message to the haters.

He said: “People have a right. This is a sport and people act wildly. It is sport, it is a competition and I don’t take it to heart.

“In the end, I must be doing something right to be up the front!

“I appreciate the great support I’ve had here. I’ve never actually felt so great with the booing. If anything, it just fuels me. So I don’t really mind.”

Source: Motorsport