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Toto Wolff says Red Bull’s alleged cost cap breach is a ‘massively heavyweight issue’ and he ‘wouldn’t want to be in Christian Horner’s position’ with exclusion from the Formula 1 championship among potential penalties

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said Red Bull’s alleged cost cap breach is a ‘heavyweight’ issue and that he ‘wouldn’t want to be in their position’.

Max Verstappen’s championship leaders are one of the constructors rumoured to have breached the cap, with an official announcement expected from the FIA on October 5.

Wolff is taking the issue very seriously


But Horner doesn’t think there’s any problem


Reports claim Aston Martin are the other team under investigation, but for lesser offences according to Wolff.

Formula 1 introduced a budget cap last season in an effort to keep down spiralling costs and level the playing field, setting the maximum spend for a season at $145million [£114m].

FIA rules state a ‘minor’ overspend of less than five per cent can result in a points deduction or suspensions, while ‘major’ breaches over that figure could lead to ‘exclusion from the championship’.

With the issue bubbling over at the Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said he is ‘not aware’ of any breach – news that surprised Wolff.

“It’s funny that Christian says that, because it’s been weeks and months they’re being investigated, so maybe he doesn’t speak to his CFO [chief financial officer],” the Austrian told Sky F1.

“As a matter of fact, all of us have been investigated diligently. As far as we understand, there’s a team in minor breach which is more procedural, and another team that is fundamentally, massively over and that is still being looked at. So that’s an open secret in the paddock.

Wolff thinks stringent action needs to be taken or every team will abuse the rules


Pierre Gasly’s bizarre fire turns Formula 1 mechanic into a meme in Singapore as birthday boy Max Verstappen says ‘there’s a lot of room for improvement’ after being beaten by Lewis Hamilton and the Ferraris

Pierre Gasly managed to avoid injury as his Alpha Tauri caught fire in a Ferrari-dominated second practice session at Singapore.

Birthday boy Max Verstappen failed to top either Friday session on the day he turned 25, with his chances of clinching a second world championship this weekend looking unlikely.

Gasly’s car suddenly lit up

And his mechanic was left stunned

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton instead led the first session from the Dutchman, while Ferrari went first and second later on in the day.

The biggest moment from either practice, though, involved Gasly, whose no.10 car bizarrely burst into flames around the air intake by the driver’s head.

The Frenchman had returned to the pitlane in the second session, and one mechanic who was rolling his car back in the garage was left stunned to see it catch fire.

The team later reported that ‘A small fire broke out on his car after connecting the fuel breather,’ and made light of the issue in amusing fashion as Gasly jumped out unharmed as a quick thinking Aston Martin mechanic blasted the flames with an extinguisher.

The Singapore Grand Prix is the first opportunity for Verstappen to clinch his second world title, with the feat now mathematically possible should he win and teammate Sergio Perez and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc drop down the order.

That looks unlikely after Friday though, with a usually dominant Red Bull off the pace of their opponents.

Verstappen got a surprise early on in the day


But he had a frustrating birthday with a lock up