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Christian Horner’s comments come back to haunt Max Verstappen following Lewis Hamilton’s beg for change in Formula 1

Christian Horner has inadvertently dismantled Max Verstappen’s argument against Lewis Hamilton’s latest plea for change in Formula 1.

Red Bull are flying this season, with Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Perez taking all eight of the available wins so far.

Verstappen hit back at Hamilton, but it hasn’t quite gone to plan


That dominance is expected to continue at this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix, too.

Meanwhile, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton finished third in this month’s Canadian Grand Prix.

The British star recently expressed his concerns that Red Bull are so in control this year that they can already turn their attention towards developing next year’s car.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the seven-time world champion said: “I think the FIA should probably put a time when everyone is allowed to start developing next year’s car.

“So August 1, that’s when everybody can start so then no one can get an advantage on the next year, because that sucks. It would make more sense. They should.”

Hitting back at his rival’s complaint, Verstappen brought up Hamilton’s former dominance in the sport.

“We weren’t talking about that when he was winning his Championships, right? So I don’t think we should now,” he said.

“That’s how Formula 1 works. When you have a competitive car it’s great, but at one point you also have to look ahead to the next year.”

Horner’s old comments haven’t helped Verstappen’s cause


Unfortunately for Verstappen, though, his Red Bull boss had once argued for a fairer fight, much like Hamilton is now.

“Is it healthy to have a situation like this?” Horner asked eight years ago whilst Mercedes were leading at the Australian Grand Prix.

“The FIA, within the rules, have an equalisation mechanism and that needs to be looked at. Take nothing away from Mercedes, they have done a super job.

“They have a good car, a fantastic engine and two very good drivers. The problem is that the gap is so big that you end up with three-tier racing and that is not healthy for Formula 1.”

Hamilton has gone 18 months without a win


But despite swerving his opponent’s comeback, Hamilton has suggested he’d rather focus on next year already, seemingly accepting this year won’t be the year he’ll get his first F1 victory since December 2021.

When asked if he can secure a victory before 2023, he said: “I don’t know. I mean I’m trying to win a race, as I said I really have no idea.

“Depends where the car goes. I think hopefully we will get close but I can’t predict what Aston [Martin] are going to do, what Ferrari are going to do, where Red Bull are going to be. But I hope so. 

“I also hope we don’t focus too much on winning the race this year. I care less to win a race this year and more to win the championship next year.”

Source: Motorsport