Worst tennis player ever? Unranked Artem Bahmet loses EVERY single point at match in Doha which lasted just 22 minutes

With the exception of Andy Murray, tennis players in the UK can get a lot of stick for not making it far at the Grand Slams.

But let’s be thankful none of them are as bad as this with a Ukrainian being dubbed the worst player in the world.

Artem Bahmet (black top) gives all aspiring tennis stars hope

He goes by the name of Artem Bahmet, and it was at a Futures tournament in Doha where he humiliated himself.

Bahmet was attempting to qualify for the event proper with Thailand’s Krittin Koaykul standing in his way.

But frankly, Bahmet would have struggled even if he had no opponent as he played a number of erratic shots and struggled to get the ball over the net regularly.

The fact that anyone can sign up to play for a Futures event for the modest price of £27 gives you an idea into the standard of the tournament.

You’re probably better than this guy

The winner of the tournament itself will pocket a £2,000 share of the £11,500 pot.

However, Bahmet may be regretting paying that as he did not even win one point in the 6-0 6-0 defeat.

Even qualifying for the main draw would have seen him more than quadruple his money with £118.